Friday, October 17, 2014

Phone Home

I'm not old yet, but I'm not young either, except in the sense that, were I to die tomorrow, people would (hopefully) say "He was too young to go!"

The Lidless Eye
I am old enough to have grown up in a world without ubiquitous cellular phones. I was thinking of this when I was trying to figure out why my phone kept rebooting. I googled my problem and tried the various solutions I found.

Nothing worked. I'm not eligible for an upgrade until the end of the year, but the phone, while not quite bricked, was so unreliable as to be unusable. I was considering transferring my account to the phone I'd had before the upgrade when I solved my problem. I deleted apps, one by one, and when I got rid of the Weather Channel app, my problem stopped.

There's always the possibility of coincidence, but I'm proceeding under the assumption that it was in conflict with something else on the device, and removing it resolved the conflict.

And I was thinking that I still need to replace the phone, since the number two thing I use it for (after checking the time) is checking the weather (Making telephone calls is about seven or eight on the list) .And the thing is, I can still check the weather. It's just slightly less convenient to do so.

It just struck me how dependent I'd become on the stupid thing.


  1. Being the only 32-year-old in the world who doesn't own a cell phone, I tend to notice other people's dependence on the things. (Like, a lot.)

    Cell phones are awful.

    1. Huh? What? Sorry, I missed that.

      I was looking at my phone.


    3. You know, J.D. Salinger was remarkably prescient about this very issue. Everyone knows how much Holden Caufield hated "phonies".

      Thank you folks, I'll be here all week!