Saturday, January 31, 2015

What kind of week has it been

In 1996, Grant Morrison created a superhero called Aztek. Aztek is simultaneously boring and impossible to explain, and the only person who loves him is Grant Morrison. His series was cancelled before the conclusion of his character arc, but he was then transferred to the pages of the Justice League, because Grant Morrison was also writing that, and he was going to finish that story, by gum!

He was absolutely forgettable, but he did have one awesome moment. He's manning the Justice League Watchtower while some half the team is off investigating the villains, and the rest are trapped in the future, all according to Lex Luthor's plan. Luthor has been rope-a-doping the team from the beginning.

Now he co-opts the Justice League's transport and communication systems. He drops in a a dozen ticking nuclear warheads, and by-the-way, informs Aztek that he had paid for his armor.

He suggests, oh so reasonably, that Aztek not go down with the ship, but instead hop on over to Luthor's HQ, where they can discuss his new position as a mole in Justice League like reasonable men.

Aztek has other ideas. He accesses his armor for the schematics of the nukes and begins disarming them one by one.

When the rest of the team sorts their stuff out, they tell him to evacuate, but he informs them that he doesn't have to.

I was recently placed in a situation at work where I suddenly had to take on a lot of extra responsibility. I was given a task that seemed insurmountable, especially considering the end of day, drop-dead deadline, but like Aztek, I hunkered down, approached it systematically, and did it. I don't mind saying that accomplishment felt really good.

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