Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Zod: Ewok Wrangler

We open the session in health class, where the students are being issued bags of flour which they’ll to treat as babies for the rest of the marking period. (Does this ever happen outside of TV shows?) Zod gets his and draws angry eyebrows on it, Amy gets hers and draws a happy face, President dog presciently brought a little red wagon, into which the teacher drops his flour child.

Lily has the habit of trying to co-GM, and dictate stuff that’s going on. (“Oh, President Dog is chasing his tail now!”) I decided that whenever she does this, it’s going to be her character staring off into the middle distance and daydreaming about what she’s describing, a la Scrubs.

Near the end of the class, Zod, Amy, Summer and Winter are paged over the PA. They head to the Principal’s office, where Doctor Mordred is sitting behind the desk, clad in his full supervillain regalia. I imagine him looking like Felix Faust, so that’s who I’m using for his image. (Not that it fooled the players. Lily knew he looked familiar from his DCAU appearances, and Zod’s player was able to name him right away.)

Doctor M was feeling them out, asking them about what they “thought they saw” in the museum last week. They each denied seeing anything unusual, and Doctor Mordred seemed to accept their answer, but he was so needlessly sinister throughout the entire exchange (think Alan Rickman as Snape) that it was difficult to be sure. He dismissed Amy, Zod and Summer, but asked that Winter stay behind. He talked with her for about fifteen minutes, and she was clearly upset when she left his office.

The freshmen return to their classes, and hear a loud explosion during science class. Strangely, no one else seemed to be able to perceive it. The teacher was named Doctor Minerva. Zod’s player thought she was Wonder Woman in disguise, but she was actually a character from my old Play By Post game, and also the name of my primary character from the City of Heroes RPG. (Apparently there is a minor Kree superhero by that name from the Avengers arc “Operation Galactic Storm”, but I made her up independent of that. I should have come up with a more interesting hero, so I’m going to say that the she was just a substitute, and the real teacher was absent that day.

Amy raises her hand and asks to use the bathroom. Dr. Minerva signs the hall pass, and Summer asks to accompany her too. Zod sees that he’s going to be left behind, so in desperation he pops one of his perpetually suppurating zits. She sends him into the bathroom to clean himself up.

On their way to the scene of the accident, Amy and Summer encounter the janitor. Lily suggests that he’s Booster Gold. I’m reluctant to incorporate many of her suggestions, because should she play an RPG with more than one other person, in a game where the GM isn’t her dad, he probably won’t be as receptive to them, but this one was actually too good to pass up. For some reason Booster could also sense the explosion.

When they got outside, they saw that the boom had come from a crashed spaceship. They fail a perception roll and run out to the ship, to find it inhabited by Ewoks. Zod rips it apart, Summer puts out the flames and Amy rescues the Ewoks with her ninja powers.

Vice Principal Hodor shows up to yell at Zod and Summer (Amy cloaks herself), but he seems unable to see the Ewoks or the ship. He gets a detention. They finally make their perception check, to find Doctor Mordred watching the unfolding tableau from the window.

Zod leads the Ewoks to the music room with some candy bars from the vending machine, while Amy seeks out Booster Gold for his advice. Booster lets them into the steam tunnels beneath the school, and they lure the Ewoks there with combos from the vending machine. The last bag fails to drop, so Zod picks up the machine and shakes it until it does, which amused me. 

Zod asks Booster if he knows how to repair a spaceship, and Booster replies that he knows a guy. We end on that note. I liked this adventure. We laid quite a bit of foundation for what's to come.

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