Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sky High: What a way to make a livin'

I don't think I'm unusual in having high hopes for a new campaign. It will be one for the history books, the campaign talked about in local role-playing circles for generations.

It’s going to be big and epic and serious.

And yet, they all turn into this.

We played this one a good month ago, but I didn’t get around to writing this out until just this morning.

To recap, Doctor Mordred was solidifying his control, the heroes still needed two components to repair the crashed Ewok ship and Summer had a big secret that was troubling her.

Asami told Zod and Amy that they would need to go undercover in one of Tony Stark’s factories, as part of a work study program with her company. Unfortunately the uniforms came in the wrong sizes, so Amy would have to disguise herself as a guy and Zod had to disguise himself as a woman.

Zod’s player is something of an Anglophile, so he had no problem with this ruse.

They had a strategy session in Zod’s bedroom with Raven. Zod’s player said the room was more or less decorated like I expected it. It was lit by black lights and had posters of Star Wars (original trilogy only), Mass Effect, the Baroness from GI Joe, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane and a Korra poster autographed by Janet Varney, who played Korra in the film adaptation of her real life adventures. It was signed: To Zod – Rock on in the spirit world. JV)

His pets includes monitor lizards, geckos, bunnies and tarantulas.

The meeting was going fine until Zod’s mother entered the room and saw “that brazen strumpet!” (Raven) leading her son astray. She kicked Raven out of the house and began wailing and wondering where she went wrong. She showed him an afterschool special to illustrate what would happen if he didn't get his life on track.

Amy went home to her aunt " Gertina “Gertie" Girthy, who was gaining weight. Amy suspected that she was returning to underground Sumo Wrestling again. (I'm not sure what Lily was going for there).

Asami sent a limo to drive our heroes to the plant. They had their initial interview. Amy took the role of “Bo Joshlemann” and was a hyperactive pest.

Zod was Olga Helmut, and Tony Stark was instantly smitten with her, and Pepper Potts was just as instantly jealous.

They went out on the floor and devised a plan to get the material they would need to repair the ship. It didn’t hurt that Tony was hopelessly smitten with Olga, and gave her the run of the place. Further aiding the heroes was the fact that Tony liked his giggle juice.

They got the materials out, and Tony was too busy barfing into his Iron Man helmet to notice. It turned out that the AI in the plant supplied the third component, so they were ready to repair the ship.

Then Summer dropped the bombshell. She had learned from her sister that Dr. M planned to release their parents from their exile in another dimension so they might serve as his minions. Winter might be a jerk, but her parents were dyed in the wool, murderous supervillains. Summer wasn’t sure what the right thing was. Complicating things for Amy was the fact that her parents were swept away by the same event, and would probably be set free if the villains were released. We close with Amy wondering what to do.

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  1. The addiction of Underground Sumo is a heavy weight to bear.