Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Revenant: A Hugh Glass movie!

Hey, a movie about Hugh Glass! Why did no one tell of this?! It's close enough to Zelaznian for the purposes of this blog. I'd better get to seeing it.


  1. We'll probably see it too, on the strength of Birdman, but it looks like there won't be very many Zelazny-esque touches -- if any. First of all it's based on a book by someone else; and even then the filmmakers had no problem making all kinds of changes.

    Not to mention that Hugh Glass is played by little Leonardo DiCrapio. He's about the last actor I'd find believable surviving a bear-mauling. Hell, little Leo should have been cast as Fitzgerald, and Tom Hardy as Hugh Glass! Now THAT would have been plausible.

    1. I went back to the comments for Long Crawl, and saw that you had read Revenant.


      I didn't know the books were quite so different. That's disappointing.

  2. After reading this and your post for the Long Crawl, it's really making me miss the last mazeworks character I ran, Sylas Fyr. He was equal parts Hugh Glass, Jim Bridger, Kit Carson and Liver Eating Johnson.

    Never read The Long Crawl, so I'm going to HAVE to find that tonight!