Wednesday, January 13, 2016

We're going on a trip in our favorite rocketship

My daughter's teacher assigns a ton of homework. Her reasoning is that she does this to accustom the children to the level of homework they'll get in several years, which strikes me as suspiciously like the plot of one of those time travel paradox stories where the heroes create the very problem they're trying to prevent. In addition, she has a number of other teacher who also assign their own homework.

One of her other teacher assigned her a Little Einsteins coloring page to complete for her homework. That did not seem grade-level appropriate. 

Raising a gifted child is always difficult, because every since kindergarten, we've had to deal with her frustration over already knowing the course material. We wanted her to think that school is a place where you go to learn new things, not a place you go for no other reason than you're forced to. 

Assignments like this make things difficult. And there comes a time when you have say "This is bullshit" and color in the page yourself, so she can get some real homework done.

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