Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fake Geek Girls and Philosophical Zombies

I think sincerity is a wonderful trait. It’s what I love about being a member of various fandoms, being a part of the “I love this weird thing and I want to tell you why it’s great” enthusiasm fellow fans have for the things we love. Seeing my daughter’s joy and boundless sense of wonder in the world around her have been some of the most amazing moments I have ever experienced in my life.

But I don’t think sincerity is a trait that measures the worth of a a presidential candidate any more than the “Who would you rather have a beer with?” question does.

Whovian Feminism is a brilliant site, and they cut to the core of the Hillary Clinton’s sincerity issue.

Whovian Feminism: 
There are genuine criticisms that can be made of Hillary Clinton’s career and the policies that she has supported, but public suspicion about her “authenticity” and “relatability” sounds shockingly similar to the same sexist, gatekeeping bullshit that Geek Girls have been fighting against for years.

After gaining prominence and visibility in institutions where women have historically been excluded, ignored, and had their contributions rejected, Geek Girls and Progressive Girls have all faced the same backlash. We’ve had our passion judged, our motivations questioned, and our interests belittled and dismissed. We’ve been presented with impossible litmus tests designed to deny our our self-identification within these movements. And we’ve had our every behavior scrutinized, judged, and denigrated.

“Authenticity” is such a double-edged sword for women. Our excitement is seen as irritating, childish “squee.” Our passionate voices are “shrill.” Our anger is “hysterical” and “bitchy.” You mock us for our authenticity and when we modify our behavior to appease you, you have the gall to call us “inauthentic.”

Hillary can’t be like Bernie because we won’t let her. She can’t yell, she can’t scream, and she can’t show her passion and anger and frustration to the degree that he can. Hillary has been called shrill and hysterical and bitchy and so much worse. And when she adjusts her behavior, we call her “inauthentic.”
I saw this picture on Facebook the other day

Wil Wheaton is a giant piece of shit

My god, what a smug piece of shit. Bernie Bros, take a long look in the mirror, because this is what's looking back at you. I especially like how the picture isn’t even of the candidate, but rather an arty black and white pic of Wheaton himself suggesting that maybe the announcement isn’t about Sanders as much as it is about Wheaton.

I don't care if Hilary Clinton is sincere. Not one tiny bit. I don’t care if she had a Road-to-Damascus epiphany on marriage equality, if she pivoted based on political expediency or if she is in fact nothing more than a philosophical zombie whose mind is a notched plates of reflexes and instincts that always falls in exactly the same way whenever the proper combination is spun. I don't care what she believes in her heart of hearts. I care about how well she will advance the causes that I believe in and I support her because I believe she will do a better job at it than Bernie Sanders.

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