Friday, May 5, 2017

Ian Atkins at Raconteur Roundtable

Ian Atkins was interviewed on the Raconteur Roundtable this week and it was a really interesting piece. I’m particularly glad his interview followed mine, because a portion of it deals with the process I discussed, taking the Forever Fallen from concept to conclusion, but from Ian’s perspective. (Also, he had some nice things to say about the story and that’s always  welcome.)

He also touches on other topics, and it’s worth listening for people interesting in entering this year’s Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip Opportunity, because he makes some observations on differences between Short Trips and Monthly Range stories and offers some other helpful hints.

If you think you would enjoy it, please download it, and if you do enjoy it, please leave a quick review on iTunes, because that really helps them out.

If you missed my episode it’s here.

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