Sunday, June 18, 2017

Video Game Review: Tekken 7

I'm enjoying Tekken 7.

I played the first game in 1994, in the video arcade section of a bowling alley and it blew my young mind. I had it on console by the time I moved into my first apartment. There was a paralyzing snowstorm that year and as it was the only game we owned, my girlfriend (now wife) and I got very good at it. A friend kept trying to beat Heihachi and finally gave me the control pad in frustration. I beat him in ten seconds, with one hand, with a perfect. (It was with Michelle though, and in Tekken 1, it was obscenely easy to perform her 10-hit combo.) My wife has a similar story, and how my brother was strutting about his unbeatable Tekken prowess and she curbstomped him effortlessly. Her story is even better because he's so cocky and she's so mild-mannered.

The same friend managed a Gamestop (I think they might have still been called Babbages back then) and he brought over a copy of Tekken 2 before it was released and we played it all night and drank beer (and Zima, because it was the 90s) and sat on the roof and did all the things young people do.

I've got a lot of fond memories of the series is what I'm saying.

I took off the day of the release. so I'd be able to spend all day playing it :)

Tekken 7 continues the tradition of being needlessly complicated and kinda dopey ("Heihachi, you have reclaimed leadership of the Michima Zaibatsu. What are you going to do now?" "Throw a fighting tournament, doy."). So I love it, obviously. They added an exorcist to the roster, because of course they did. I love how they throw in whatever dumb thought comes into their heads, without any consideration for how it meshes with anything else. That's why it's the BEST!

Also, the character customization is a lot of fun.

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