Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Zelazny: Real Life Ghostwheel

I'm not the biggest fan of the Merlin series, but I do like some of the concepts introduced therein, and chief among them is Ghostwheel.

"It riffles through Shadow like the pages of a book-or a deck of cards," I said. "Program it for whatever you want checked out and it will keep an eye on it for you. I was planning it as a surprise. You could, say, use it to determine whether any of our potential enemies are mobilizing, or to follow the progress of Shadow-storms, or-"

      "Wait a minute," he said, raising a hand. "How? How does it flip through shadows that way? What makes it work?"

      "In effect," I explained, "it creates the equivalent of multitudes of Trumps in an instant, then-"

Someone wrote a program to procedurally generate Tarot cards. Can Ghostwheel be far behind?

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