Sunday, June 17, 2018

A dream about a Zelazny post

I woke up from a dream last night where I was ranking all of the characters named John or Jack in Zelazny's writing. I feel that I need to make this post now.

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Monday, June 11, 2018

My trip to the zoo, in verse

Spring Afternoon. Pow!
A monkey punched another
monkey in the face.

 The Wilford Brimley
Monkey was such a jerk. He
Got his comeuppance.

My best friend fat-shamed 
the donkeys at the zoo. Boo!
Have you no shame, sir?

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

TV Review: The Good Doctor

I watched The Good Doctor with my mom at her request. I was on the fence after the pilot, but I tend to give shows a mulligan on the pilot, as they're still finding their feet.

Holy shit, what an awful show. We open with a doctor defining autism for another doctor. I understand that you need to give some exposition to the audience, but that was just about the clumsiest and worst possible way to do it.

The baddies think that dumping an autistic doctor into a patient-facing role with no effort to accommodate his needs is a bad idea. The goodies roll out the "You hate autistic peoples! They said the same thing about women and blacks in the workplace!!11" chestnut almost immediately.

It's simple-minded, preachy and mawkish. It perpetuates the myth of people on the spectrum as savants. I hates it so much.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Z is for Zahn: Zelazny A to Z

Roger Zelazny isn’t the only author I read, but he’s certainly my favorite and he’s the first I seek out when I enter a bookstore. This task is made easier by virtue of his name. I go to the end of the bookshelf and tilt my head sideways and read the names on the spines. Most chain bookstores organize the sci-fi/fantasy section alphabetically by author, but then they include series that have many different authors after those.

So I would see Tad Williams and Timothy Zahn and I knew that if I saw those guys and got to the Star Wars books that this particular bookstore wouldn’t have anything by Zelazny. I like Zahn’s work quite a bit, but I still bear him a tiny bit of resentment for the crime of not being Roger Zelazny.

Thus concludes my Zelazny A to Z. Thanks for reading!