Monday, September 30, 2019

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The invasion of robot bugs!

I saw this piece about a robot bug and couldn't help but think of Yama's own version in the monastery.

"Yet," said Aram, "Patanjali does state that it is the intention rather than the act which governs. Therefore, if I killed with love rather than malice, it would be as if I had not killed. I confess that this was not the case and that malice was present, therefore, even if I did not kill I do bear the burden of the guilt because of the presence of that intention. So I could step upon it now and be none the worse for it, according to the principle of ahimsa. Since I am a guest, however, I of course respect the practice and do not do this thing." With this, he moved his sandal away from the insect, which stood immobile, reddish antennae pricked upward."Indeed, he is a scholar," said one of the Order of Ratri.Aram smiled. "Thank you, but it is not so," he stated. "I am only a humble seeker of truth, and on occasion in the past have I been privileged to overhear the discourses of the learned. Would that I might be so privileged again! If there were some great teacher or scholar in the vicinity, then I would most surely walk across a bed of hot coals to sit at his feet and to hear his words or observe his example. If...”He stopped then, for all eyes had suddenly turned upon the doorway at his back. He did not move his head, but reached out to crush a beetle that stood near his hand. The tip of a small crystal and two tiny wires protruded through the broken chitin of its back.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Zelazny Clerihew

I am informed that today is National Clerihew Day.

I knew of such things but didn't know they had a name. It's a short, biographical poem, AABB.

An example

Did Descartes
With the thought
"Therefore I'm not"?

I wish I had known about this during Zelazny poetry month.

Zelazny wrote many a modern myth
in thirty years as a wordsmith.
Tales of gods in disguise
and of princes with green eyes.

Monday, July 1, 2019


It's a bit unusual to stumble upon anything Zelazny-related by accident, and yet I found this post about Chronomaster while looking for something else.