Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Friends are Awesome: Jeremy...and Jeremy

Taking a brief break from the Zelazny blogging to type up the next installment of the my friends are awesome series.

Jeremy was pestering me the other day about when he would get the My Friends are Awesome treatment. I suppose today I'll finally get off my ass and type this up.

The problem is that I know two people named Jeremy, Frederick and the Lord, and I'm not sure who to cover first. This post will be about the Jeremy who used to play in a LARP where he wore an eyepatch. Oops, I mean the one who's unfailingly generous and kind to his pets. Oops, that's both of them again. The one who is always kind to Lily and shares my interest in geeky stuff.


Well, shit.

Despite the similarities above, the two Jeremys could not be more different. I suppose I'll cover them in alphabetical order.

Jeremy I: Frederick

I first met Jeremy when he worked at the local mall, and I, as a youth from suburban New Jersey, merely lived there. You know, I can't remember if he was the one chasing another dude and trying to stick something up his butt or if he was the one being chased. I want to say that he was the chaser, but the memory cheats.

All of my friends are pretty great, but Frederick stands out for his courtesy and unfailing generosity. He's always willing to go out of his way for coffee and snacks, and I've never ever seen him let his friends down.

Frederick is more prepared than anyone for the inevitable zombie uprising, and I can't think of anyone whose stout heart and lethal croquet mallet I'd rather have covering my back.

Jeremy II: The Lord

We met in a typing class in the second semester of our Freshman year of high school, where he was this shrimpy little kid, though I think by then he had already earned his black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

He shot up about eight inches during high school (I'm estimating. I mean, it's not like I took out a tape measure and etched pencil marks in the door frame), and if not for the Lord, those high school years, no picnic for a teenage nerd, would have been far more unpleasant.

The Lord is very direct. I always know where I stand with him. The phrase "Occasionally wrong, but never uncertain" springs to mind.

A lot of us dick around with creative projects, but he actually does them. He had the guts to leave everything he knew and pack up to New Orleans.

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