Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Ballerina Book

On Friday night, I saw some friends from high school that I hadn't seen since graduation. One of them was DJing at a local place, and he invited me on Facebook, and Jen and I thought it would be a neat thing to attend. So we got dressed up and went, and we met Brian and Sue there.

There was a giraffe near the door. I bet Karen's sorry she couldn't make it. (She loves giraffes.)

Brian did a pretty awesome job keeping the party going. It was nice to talk to Sue and her husband. He seems like a really genuinely nice guy. I have to wonder how he wound up with Sue... :-)

It was too loud to talk, so we said goodbye to Brian and the four of us grabbed something to eat at the Key City diner.

It's funny. I was 18 when I graduated high school, and it's literally been half a lifetime since I last saw these folks, and it's amazing that we can just pick up where we left off after all that time.

Lily's been doing pretty well with her potty training. She's been out of diapers during the day for almost two years, but she still wore trainers during the night. She's woken up dry several nights in a row and she's very proud of herself.

She was running around the room kind of kicking and flailing. I said "You know kung fu," in my Keanu Reeves voice and she starting some circular arm movements and concluded her demonstration with a Jet Li pose. I was rather surprised by all this, and when I asked her where she learned it, she was unable to explain other than to claim that she is a kung fu panda.

She was zipping around the house a little later and she got me right in the Xiphoid Process. I went down and said "Ah, my Xiphoid Process," and Lily said "Do I have a Xiphoid Process?" and I replied, "Yes, but yours hasn't ossified yet," and the vein in Jen's forehead started throbbing.

When recounting this story in the diner to Sue and Mister Sue, Jen said that Lily is going to wind up as the kid in her locker every day of her time in high school.

In less happy news, I thought that Lily was being mean to another kid, which is something that we absolutely will not tolerate. She said that she and some of the other kids stick their tongues out at someone named C.J. I decided to get a little more information about this in case I was misunderstanding what she was saying.

"What does C.J. say when you make raspberries at her?"

"Nothing. She just walks away."

Okay, this sounded bad. No parent wants his kid to be part of the mob, "When do you do this to C.J.?"

"During her feeding time."


"And daddy, her name's not C.J.! It's Gigi!"

This is about when the Scott Pilgrim parking meter on my face went from "No clue" to "Gets it". "Is Gigi a pet?"

"Yes, she's a guinea pig."

And that's not great, but it's not on the same order as picking on another kid, and if the worst they are doing is sticking a tongue out at a guinea pig, I guess I can live with that.

She renamed her pet lamb. She used to be named Lamby, and over the weekend, Lily decided to call her Lambian (derived from her own full first name, Lillian, I would assume) but now she's called Lamby Lyn, after Jen's name. I thought that was pretty cute.

She also told us that "I can dance like a ballerina, because I was raised by ballerinas," which makes me think of some Bizarro World version of the Jungle Book for four-year old girls.

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