Sunday, August 15, 2010

An oxymoron: Josh's enjoyable weekend with his family

Lily was really surprisingly well-behaved this weekend. On Friday night she stayed over at my Grammy's house for the first time. We ate dinner at home and then headed to Grammy's and Jen and I lingered past sundown.

Grammy's house is in a corner lot, and her yard is very big for a city property. It was too late in the season to really see many fireflies as Lily had hoped, and I thought she might be a little disappointed but then the fire station across the street turned on its floodlights and everything changed.

We were playing "Who said that?" where Lily hangs on my back and then says something and I turn around and try to find her. The floods cast our shadows very vividly on the wall, and I wound up tickling Lily's shadow and she laughed like she never had before. She does have such a great laugh and it's wonderful to hear her so happy.

Jen and I went back home and Lily had a pretty nice stay. We picked her up at nine the next morning and took off for a Farmer's Market Jen had found online. When we tracked it down, we saw that it was just three people in a parking lot. We did have a nice walk in a nearby park and I snapped a picture of a really cool building, a bank that had been converted in to a liquor store.

We went to the hospital after that to visit Aunt Mickey. Lily continued her good streak. She picked out a stuffed animal to leave with Aunt Mickey "so she can be happy after I leave." Mickey had an oxygen tube in her nose, but Lily just quietly asked Jen what that was and then accepted the answer without commenting on it further.

We took an afternoon nap and I woke up around 5:30. I blearily looked at the clock, thought it was Monday morning and wondered where the weekend went, and was then overjoyed to find that it was in fact only Saturday afternoon.

Lily and I watched The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking. It was pretty terrible, but she enjoyed it.

Speaking of terrible movies that I'll probably enjoy, I caught the tail end of a review of The Expendables on NPR, where the critic observes that the by identifying the stars by their last names on movie poster, it makes them seem like a "high powered team of Urologists". What a bizarrely specific thing to say.

Lily's current favorite stuffed animal is Lamby. Lily carried her everywhere and she's already looking kind of raggedy. I dread the day when Lily will go to pick her up, only to tear the arm off instead. I asked Lily was handsome or beautiful. She stomped her foot and told me in a very strident voice that "Lamby is CUTE and ADORABLE," and her tone of voice suggested that she was going to shank me with something she made in the prison's metal shop.

We had our monthly family picnic up at my father's house on Sunday. It was also the annual picnic where my stepmother's side of the family came up too. It rained the whole time, but it was actually pretty okay though.

I made my father laugh. He had a little ceramic diorama depicting scenes from the gospels, but the Jesus figure at the top had been knocked over, and his head broke off. I picked him up and said, "I thought it was Jesus, but it must have been John the Baptist." I was surprised he found it amusing. I think he was just happy to hear anything about Jesus coming out of my mouth.

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