Monday, August 23, 2010

Quick weekend post

Lily is pretty funny. We were all eating dinner together and Jen said that we could go for a walk afterwards. Lily clapped her hands together and said "Can we go to the cemetery?!" The tone of voice she used, you'd think she was going to Disneyland.

Though when I asked her how she was, she said, "Great. Just great." I said that she sounded kind of angry when she said this, and she told me "That's just the way my voice sounds."

I think that she was referencing something I said earlier. She asked me if I was mad the other day and I said "No, that's just the way my face looks." Tim's ex-girlfriend used to think I was mad all the time, but I wasn't (I am merry 24 hours a day. That is a fact) It's really just the way my face looks. My neutral expression apparently looks kind of angry, but usually, I just don't give a shit.

I was playing a video game upstairs and Lily wandered up. She looked at the screen and said, "If I watch this game, it will make me mean." So, being a good daddy, I turned off the game and went downstairs with her.

We had a very nice visit with our friend Karen down in Philly this weekend. We dropped Lily off to a baby shower, and had a leisurely drive down 611. We just missed meeting her brother. I'm pretty sure we crossed in the parking lot in her building, but I didn't want to yell over to him in case I was wrong.

We got some lunch, saw Scott Pilgrim again, did some shopping and made a really kickass Mediterranean meal. Karen's a lot of fun. It was quite nice to see her. (She also impressed me by being to able to figure out an ad for Metroid based solely on the sight of the armor.) She was a good sport about seeing Scott Pilgrim, though it may just be because we bribed her with a stuffed giraffe. She's a sucker for giraffes.

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