Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scary Princesses

So, I was talking with Lily about what movie we should watch for our Wacky Wednesday and she said, "What about that movie with the scary princesses?" and I said, "What movie with the scary princesses?" and she replied, "When we were on the computer, I saw a movie of Ariel with hairy seashells and a skeleton face. Can we watch that movie tonight?"

I told her that I didn't remember that movie. (Because if I had seen it, I would certainly be seeing it every time I closed my eyes!) and I asked if she meant the movie where the girl plays the piano with the boy, (Corpse Bride) but no, she repeated the thing about undead Ariel, this time with the added detail of a green (presumably decomposing) tail. I have no idea where she saw this. I remember somebody put a a slideshow on youtube of scary princesses, but we didn't watch that one. I said that I didn't remember that movie and she said, "That's okay. Just go to the computer and type in 'scary princesses'". Sheesh.

She only likes two segments of Fantasia. One is the Pastoral Symphony with the cute little baby Cupids and Pegasui and centaurs all frolicking around. The other is Night on Bald Mountain where Chernabog summons from these horrifying ghosts to make war against the living. I'd say this would give her nightmares, but she already has nightmares. The one the other night involved the ears falling off her stuffed bear and someone sewing bunny ears on in their place. The horror! Zombies and monsters she can handle, but don't lay a finger on her Baby Bear!

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