Thursday, January 13, 2011

Me, I want a hula hoop

Two quick hula hoop stories.

So Jen's getting good with her Christmas hula hoop. She's keeping it going for five minutes at a time.  I told Lily that I had an invisible hula hoop and I was moving around as if I did. I certainly have my share of flaws, both as a person and as a father, but I think one good thing we're doing is giving an inquisitive kid the tools she'll need to understand the world around her. When she asks me a question, I'll typically ask her what she thinks the answer is and help her work through it. Sometimes this makes me sound like Eliza, but I think it's a good process for her to learn.

I saw her putting this into play when I made the claim about the hula hoop. She didn't believe that there were such things as invisible hula hoops, but she reached out to see if she could feel it. When she couldn't, she told me that I didn't have an invisible hula hoop. I insisted that I did, but it was also intangible. She didn't know what the word meant, so she asked, and I told her that if something is intangible, you can't touch it. However, that confused her, and she asked "Why can't I touch it?" and Jen and I clarified that it's not that you're not allowed to touch it, but that it's something that people are unable to touch, like air or love.

She still didn't believe that I had an invisible, intangible hula hoop, though.

Nor did she want a ride on my invisible pink unicorn, sadly.

Speaking of hula hoops, my friend Karen posted on Facebook that she was exercising with her Wii Fit and I joked that a hula hoop peripheral would be awesome. She said that there was a hulu hoop game that worked with the balance board. I thought this could be used to sell Jen on a Wii. I approached her when she was spinning her hulu hoop.

Josh: We should buy a Wii. I hear they have a game with a hulu hoop.
Jen: (Not looking over)  I already have a hulu hoop.
Josh: ...fuck

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