Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Working for the Weekend

When we were driving to the grocery store and Lily suddenly blurted out, "Did you know that if you didn't have any air to breathe, then you would die?!"

I said that I did, and that's always why I try to stay in places that have air. She went on to say that Outer Space had poison air and she'd never want to visit because she didn't have a special suit that would let her breathe in space. (I corrected her once by telling her that space actually had no air, but just that one time, as this was not a conversation I had particular interest in prolonging, as she talks about death a whole lot already for such a little kid)

Jen is still getting stuff straightened out with her car that was hit in early October, so she went of to the DMV and Lily and I settled in to watch some Superman!

We got the Superman: The Animated Series disc in the mail from Netflix and watched a couple episodes. She liked it, and had lots of questions. The thing that was toughest to explain was why Superman had two sets of parents. She'd somehow never been exposed to the concept of foster parents or adoption, which is odd, because we know several non-traditional families. I explained that Superman's parents knew that they wouldn't be able to take care of him, so they sent him to a family that would love him very much and that seemed to satisfy her.

It does get pretty complicated in parts. In Lex Luthor's initial appearance, he hires some criminals to steal his battlesuit because the client resides in a hostile country, and he can't go ahead with an above board transaction. That, of course, went over her head, but she liked it.

Since Jor-El and the adult Superman look so similar, every time he came on screen, she would giggle hysterically and say "Look, it's Superman's daddy!"

We joined my grandmother for lunch at a local restaurant and that was nice. I overheard a woman talking about how her World of Warcraft account was compromised by a keylogger. Funny to hear random nerdery while eating out.

We returned to the house and Grammy turned on the Hallmark channel, which was having some kind of wedding movie marathon and caught most of the The Good Witch's Gift.

Sadly, I was paying closer attention to the movie than anyone else there. When Jen said she wasn't following it, I kind of huffed and said, all in one breath "No, it's not that complicated. Listen, Cathrine Bell is Cassie Nightingale, she owns the store, she's going to marry the police chief, his son is dating the blond girl, who the other kid thinks might have stolen the wedding ring because her dad was a bank robber," thereby solidifying my position as a thirteen-year-old girl.

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