Friday, December 16, 2011

Search Results

So blogger has a dashboard feature that gives very basic statistics about visitors to the site. Among the stuff it looks at is search terms used to reach the site. In no particular order and without commentary, here's a list of the most disturbing or bizarre search results that have led here.

  1. Does Corwin ever fuck fiona?
  2. giraffe have utters?
  3. Charlie Brown getting dressed
  4. shirtless man tied stone altar for human sacrifice
  5. Rasputin themed gifts
  6. Triplicate Girl threesome
  7. "reverse engineered technology" -ufo +philosopher
  8. my sister watching me wanking
  9. peeing on Brainiac 5
  10. Images of batman and him pooping


  1. Uh . . . it doesn't tell you WHO searched for those, right?

    . . . right?



  2. No, it doesn't break it down like that. It's really pretty basic. I'm just sorry I disappointed the guy who was looking for those Batman pictures.

  3. Great stuff there . . .


  4. You realize that by listing those you have reinforced the search landing here? Add some more porn-like references and your traffic will really increase!

    By the way, I think the first search was meant to be Deirdre. Unless the searcher thought that Corwin desired *all* of his sisters. But I don't think Corwin did.

    (Livejournal still not posting but google seems to work)

  5. It's funny. To the best of my recollection, I don't think that it's made explicit until the end of the Courts of Chaos that Corwin's feelings for Deirdre are anything but brotherly, but going back and rereading their interactions in Nine Princes and Sign of the Unicorn, I can very easily reconcile the way Corwin acts towards her with what we eventually learn his feelings to be.

    Also, I never realized it until right now, but when I imagine Dara, I picture her very much as I imagine Deirdre. And I think that's my mind filling in the blanks and explaining the liaison. Also, it makes me think that I should try my hand at casting the Merlin books.

  6. In Sign of the Unicorn, Corwin sees himself with Deirdre:

    Two figures, embracing, within. They part as I begin to turn away. None of my affair, but . . . Deirdre . . . One of them is Deirdre. I know who the man will be before he turns. It is a cruel joke by whatever powers rule that silver, that silence. . . .

    And in a later book, Julian admits to incestuous love for Fiona, and discusses with Corwin how Oberon would not permit Corwin and Deirdre to be marry. I can't spot the passage at the moment.

  7. That should have read "to be married" or "to marry."

    Here's a passage from The Courts of Chaos after Deirdre's death:

    Deirdre . . . she had meant more to me than all the rest of the family put together. I cannot help it. That is how it was. How many times had I wished she were not my sister. Yet, I had reconciled myself to the realities of our situation. My feelings would never change, but . . . now she was gone, and this thought meant more to me than the impending destruction of the world.

    And this is Julian's earlier comment to Corwin on the subject from the same book:

    "I have always been very fond of Fiona. She is certainly the loveliest, most civilized of us all. Pity Dad was always so dead-set against brother-sister marriages, as well you know."

  8. Oh, good catch. I always forget about that line in Tir-na Nog'th.

    Even the first time I read Sign of the Unicorn, I thought Julian's behavior towards Fiona was odd and the impression I got from that scene is that he's attracted to her, and everyone in the family knows it, but nobody sees anything to be gained by bringing it up. When Fiona "drops" her bracelet:

    But Julian too approached, and a trifle more quickly than I. He had been a bit nearer, may have spotted it a fraction of an instant sooner.

    He scooped it up and dangled it gently.

    "Your bracelet, sister," he said pleasantly. "It seems to have forsaken your wrist, foolish thing. Here-allow me."

    Later on, when he's discussing brother-sister marriages with Corwin and comments that Oberon had always been so dead set against them, I like that glimpse into his thinking. Because I imagine that Fiona thinks him something like the bug she scrapes off her heel, and never in all the shadows out there would it come to pass that she would even be fleetingly interested in him. (Though I could see her *feigning* that interest as part of her machinations.)

    I suppose it's testimony to the human capacity for self deception that Julian sees Oberon's prohibition against incest as a bigger barrier than Fiona's revulsion towards him.

  9. This is spun gold, my friend. And damn, you get a lot of comments. But half of them are yours. Never mind.

  10. I LOVE the scene in Sign of the Unicorn where everyone is gathered together and Fiona takes her time chillin' in the middle of the room, just to screw with the rest of the family. Then the dropping of the bracelet is just the icing on the cake. I'm not sure why this makes me like Fiona, but it does. I guess I just find it hilarious how she manipulates them, and they all know she's doing it.

    Man, this makes me want to read Amber again.