Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Search Results, Part 3

The latest in the series of the odd, unusual or downright disturbing searches people have used to find the site. Dear people who found my site through these searches...I hope it's meeting your expectations?
  1. muscled fathers wrestling their sons to submission, video
  2. comic heroes as helpless chess pawns
  3. Batman eating hot wings
  4. kari wahlgren feet
  5. castration scene film snuff
  6. empress dickings
  7. pictures of boys football wrist watches 1 jewel
  8. petite lap goat
  9. hot buttered supervillains
  10. zelazny porn

That last one baffles me. What was he expecting to find?


  1. I initially came for gaming references and witty father-daughter repartee, but I keep coming back for the petite lap goats.

    Do they dance?

  2. I'm proud to say that I'm responsible for less than half of those.