Monday, May 6, 2013

Best Sunday Ever

I wasn't going to write about this, but a friend mentioned that she always enjoys my Lily posts, so I figured I might as well do it.

Lily complained about a sore throat on Thursday and we didn't think too much of it until we were called to pick her up from school. Jen got her and took her to the doctor, who confirmed it was strep throat. She prescribed some antibiotics and Lily mended quickly, though she we kept her home from  school on Friday as well as from her usual Friday playdate.

She mended pretty quickly and by Saturday, we were in good enough shape to head down to the local farmer's market, which was just opening for the season. Lily loves it because there are always so many dogs for her to pet. 

We had a pleasent visit, then came back home and watched Vampire Dog, which was terrible. It had Norm McDonald as the voice of a vampire dog who loves what everyone in the movie called "jelly", but what was actually a fruit-flavored gelatin dessert more commonly known as Jell-O. I know that Jell-O is called jelly in the UK and Europe, but in the US, it's called jello, damnit!

Obviously the Jell-O people wanted nothing to do with this movie, so we're left with a bunch of characters referring to what's clearly Jell-O as jelly. Which by itself is not a bad thing. It can sometimes be fun to refer to a brand name product with a wink and a nod without mentioning the product's name. However, it's kind of weird here, because the word "jelly" describes something distinct and completely different from "Jell-O". You're taking a specific word that applies to a specific thing and using it to describe something that already has a name. When I mentioned this to Lily, she said "Yeah, you noticed that too?"

After that we went to a local carnival. Carnivals aren't really my cup of tea, but we've taken Lily to this one every year since she was born, so we had to go. We didn't want to spend a lot of money because we have a vacation coming up and we'll be spending our money there, but tickets were so pricey and rides cost so many tickets that it was a better deal to drop the thirty bucks and buy Lily a wristband.

I snapped this picture while she was waiting in line and this is already one of my favorites. She looks so thoughtful here.

She had a great time and went on a ton of rides, so I guess that was money well spent.

Sunday was interesting. I was flipping through a book that mentioned "Unnatural Creatures of Unspeakable Evil" and Lily's first reaction, on reading that, was to exclaim "Unnatural Creatures of Unspeakable Evil! Let me see!" as detailed here.

Then we talked about Andy Warhol. She had learned about him in art class and she was telling me all about him.

I told her about the Batman movie he had made, but she didn't seem too interested. It's a shame, because it's the most accurate depiction of Batman ever produced.

(My friend Tim and I saw some clips of this when we visited the Alex Ross exhibit at the Norman Rockwell museum. The display implied that it never occurred to anyone until filming was almost completed that DC might have a problem with someone else making a film about their intellectual property.)

Then we talked about squids versus whale. She had a book from the library from Scholastic's Who Would Win series, which is like a kind of deadliest warrior of the animal kingdom, and oh my god, it's like the coolest idea for a book ever!

I figured that the giant squid would have the advantage, because it could hold the whale underwater until it ran out of air, but apparently that's not the case. Sperm Whales are considered predators in this relationship. I'm still pulling for the giant squid, because I'm a sucker for the underdog.


Jen and Lily went to church and had a pot luck lunch and then we rendezvoused at home before taking off to meet up with Frederick and Danny at Frederick's place.  Danny's a good kid, but he made it a point of saying that he has better things to do than read my blog, so I'm just going to say that he sat in the parking lot while wearing a diaper and hitting himself in the face with a salmon, saying "I'm a big, poopy poophead." If it really matters to him, he can swing by and contest this claim.

Then we all headed over to the local Build-A-Bear, because Lily still had a little credit from last time. She made a cat named Charlotte. Lily almost put the Star Wars theme in Charlotte's paw (you can pay to add something that makes noise when you squeeze the appropriate paw), but wound up going with a meow sound at the last minute.

We went to the Army-Navy store to see about getting a bow for Lily because she showed some interest in the activity, but they no longer carry archery equipment. I used to love that store when it was all cool surplus stuff, but now it's all novelty t-shirts and branded camping gear.

We picked up some of the series 10 minifigures at Toys R Us. Lily got the same figure twice, but Frederick was good enough to swamp the warrior princess for one of them.

We had dinner at the Golden Corral. The line stretched out the door, but Frederick and Danny were good company, so we didn't mind.

The food was delicious, and both Jen and I were stuffed for hours afterward. Lily, on the other hand, said she was hungry while we were driving home, so make of that what you.

We returned to Frederick's house and played a game I never even knew existed. It's Yoostar 2, which is kind of a video karaoke game. The camera records the player, who acts out various classic and not-so-classic movie scenes. Lily fought Godzilla. We all had a ball.

On the way out, Frederick gave Lily an extra copy of his Mister Good and Evil. Jen expressed polite interest and Lily said, "Every good thing he does is a little bit bad and every bad thing is a little bit good."

Jen: Oh, that's interesting.
Me: That's from the Lego minifigure website. She read that once, several months ago.
Jen: (To Frederick) And that's why we can never get away with anything with her.

Always great to see Frederick and Danny. It was a really fun (though slightly pricey) weekend. Lily said it was the best Sunday she ever had.

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