Thursday, February 20, 2014

What Josh Reads: Geekery

Items in my blog feed that I've categorized as Geekery.

All That Is Interesting: A somewhat boastful, but entirely accurate description of the site. Beautiful pictures of fascinating things, with some great commentary. Among the sites I share most with my friends.

Brain Pickings: Essays on the creative process, dealing with authors as disparate as Ben Franklin and Neil Gaiman.

concept ships: Beautiful images of ships from various SF properties.

Fraggmented: This could have just as easily gone in my blogging category as here. Written by John Seavey, author of the outstanding Gorilla Warfare, from the wonderful Feng Shui RPG. He expounds on a number of topics of interest to geeks. When he's good, he's positively inspired, and when he's not, the result is never worse than indifferent.

Geekosystem: Primarily a site that aggregates items of interest to geek culture. I can give or take their original content.

Global Nerdy: More focused on the tech end of tech geekery, an insightful and well informed blog

Letters of Note/Lists of Note: Another outstanding set of sites. They have a collection of astoundingly poignant lists/letters. I can't do them justice here. Almost everything here is worth reading and bookmarking.

Lovecraft eZine: The blog feed for the Lovecraft eZine. I'm biased, because they published my first story. In my opinion, they've really become the model for what magazines are going to be in the near future. Sure, they have stories, but they also have video interviews, google hangouts, chat forums and links to items of interest. Mike is taking advantage of everything the Internet has to offer. Worth checking out for even the casual Mythos fan.

Overthinking It: They have a regular podcast, which I can take or leave, but the real treat of this site is their essays, which are outstanding.

Roger Zelazny Criticism: Ahhh...psych! I searched for Zelazny feeds and this site came up, though, as far as I can tell, they've never had a post.

Runt Of The Web: Everyone on the Internet loves lists. Collections like The Absolute Best Of Tumblr, are the kind of fun Cracked promises but never delivers.

Science Fiction Times: Mostly silent now, but they were reviewing Zelazny's work with great regularity for a while.

Scott Edelman: I've kind of forgotten why I started following him. Scott Edelman is one of the best known science fiction editors, though his blog mostly deals with his wonderful pictures and vivid accounts of his meals.

The Mary Sue: Marred only slightly by their insistence in casting Benedict Cumberbatch in every role, the Mary Sue is possibly the most perfect site on the Internet. dealing primarily with the intersection of women and geek culture, though it's much more than that. They post often, and even if I've seen coverage of geeky news at another site, I'll still want to read the Mary Sue's coverage of it, because I find they simply do it better than anyone else.

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