Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another Page I liked from All-Star Superman

I think that All-Star Superman may well be the best Superman story ever told. I've written about the comic series and the lackluster animated adaptation here, but I was thinking about another page I liked.

The setup: Clark Kent was interviewing Lex Luthor in prison. Authorities are transporting the Parasite through the general population because he's as harmless as a supervillian gets without exposure to a power source. Like, for instance, a supercharged Superman mere yards away. The Parasite starts absorbing energy and breaks free and the prison goes into full on riot mode.

Clark has to escort Lex to safety without revealing his identity. He does it, but during the fight, Lex's fake eyebrow comes off. His niece reminds him and he hurriedly fixes it with an eyebrow pencil.

He doesn't take a cheap shot, simply allows Luthor his small lie to protect his dignity. I just really like that. I like that belief, that everyone, even the worst person in the world, deserves the courtesy and respect that comes with being a human being.

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