Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Own Dream for the USA by Lily

A special guest post by my daughter, because she asked me what yesterday's post was about when she saw me writing it and I told her that it was about how girls still sometimes don't get treated fairly, even when they grow up. She then asked if I would share the essay she wrote when asked to describe her dreams for the future. I told her that I would be proud to share it.

  My Own Dream for the USA

I have a dream, too. I may be nine, but I know a big problem when I see it.Girls have been treated like lower beings for decades, maybe even centuries. But, what’s all the fuss about? Girls can do whatever they want to, just like boys. But for some reason, some people don’t see that. I’m taking my chance to fix something so terribly wrong.

Girls shouldn’t just sit there while boys push them around. Let’s stand up, and defend our well-earned pride! This is a big beautiful country, so let’s fix this flaw now!

There’s no such thing as “cooties.” All I hear when a boy says “ Eeew, you have cooties!!” is “ Hey look, I’m immature! Let’s make fun of her for some fake thing just to be annoying!” I don’t understand a lot of things yet, but I definitely understand that girls are perfectly capable and equal to boys.

Another thing boys unfairly hold against girls: dresses and skirts. We can wear jeans, sweat pants , shorts, capris, slacks, you name it. If boys can, we almost surely can too. Girl power is not just a “maybe.”We wear what we want. This is a country run by boys AND girls, so  let’s act like it!

So, I ask you now, why are we the damsels in distress? This essay is my way of saying, “ The ‘damsels in distress’ are wearing shining armor!” I hope this little essay I put together brought this problem to your attention. This is my dream.

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