Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Amber to be adapted for TV?

I think this falls into "Interesting, if true" territory for me. More on it as it develops.

'Walking Dead' Creator Adapting 'Chronicles of Amber' for TV


  1. One benefit of a TV series is that it should prompt Roger's novels to be re-released. But if that is the case, I hope more care is taken to have suitable cover art.

    Isle of the Dead was recently released with a photo of a bird on the cover. This makes no sense to me at all:

    Eye of Cat was reissued with a photo of someone in Native American dress. I don't know for certain but I doubt this is Navajo style, and wonder if the publisher just thought anyone in a headdress would be suitable:

    An attempt at new artwork for a Jack of Shadows reissue fared a bit better but was uninspired compared to past cover art for this book:

    At least the original cover art was retained for a reissue of A Night in the Lonesome October:

    The Amber novels were being issued as ebooks but seem to have stalled with the third book (Sign of the Unicorn) being released late last year. Maybe they'll speed up these releases now that the TV series is in the works.

  2. Isle of the Dead: I did quick skim through the book, and, if we want to be *extremely* charitable, birds are mentioned when he tries to go off planet and the local wildlife tries to keep him there, and there is a short little vignette about the starling when he's a kid but it's hardly the dominant theme of the work.

    Eye of Cat: That is pretty awful.

    Jack of Shadows: Agreed. Not terrible, but not as good as any of the art that already exists for the book. Also, the summary for the book at that link seems like something written in another language entirely, fed through google translate and published without a human being looking at it at all.

    October: I *LOVE* that cover art and I'm very pleased that it hasn't been replaced.