Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Some additional thoughts on the Amber adaptation

Now that I've had a chance to chew it over.
  1. We do get these announcements every couple years, but this one looks like it has some muscle behind it.
  2. So much depends on the quality and the tone of the adaptation that it's pointless speculating right now.
  3. Amber is a pretty great length for an adaptation. Yeah, the books are very short by modern standards, but that means you won't have to leave anything out.
  4. I don't think they have anything in them that hopelessly dates them. Much is always made of the smoking in Zelazny's work, but that's just to give the characters something to do when they're talking. I think it can be excised without fundamentally altering the character of the books.
  5. I'm not much for stunt casting, but a friend on Facebook suggested that Trent Zelazny play the role of Roger the guard in the Hand of Oberon. I think that's kind of brilliant. 
  6. I'll be thrilled if this happens and it's done well, but in the process of thinking about it, I've discovered that the TV adaptation I really want is an anthology series of Zelazny's short stories. We can open with Divine Madness
  7. And maybe that can serve as the gateway to the Roadmarks movie I want so much.


  1. I think the smoking is a very important stylistic element.

    Unhealthy? Yes. But it reinforces the film noir feel of the series - at least for the scenes that are set on shadow Earth. Think back on Robert Mitchum and all those guys. Coffee and cigarettes are essential. I don't smoke myself, but I can't imagine a Corwin who doesn't constantly reach for a cigarette while planning his next move. It's a part of who he is.

    Besides, anachronisms are a recurring motif in Zelazny's writing anyway. Old fashioned smoking (no vaping!) would just be a continuation of that.

    Also, I think Christian Bale would be perfect for the role of Corwin. He can switch his accent (from British to American and vice versa), lose/gain significant amounts of weight (Corwin loses a lot of weight in prison, then gains it back in Avalon) and do several kinds of martial arts, as well as being generally intense and charming, not to mention a great actor.

    1. I think I would absolutely lose my shit if this series features a vaping Corwin.

      I could see Bale in the role. Do you have any thoughts on the other characters?