Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Den of Geek reports Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light optioned as a television series

Den of Geek reports that Lord of Light has been optioned as a television series.  I'm skeptical that it will go anywhere. I don't think Lord of Light will work as a TV series in 2017. If you include the mythical elements, it's going to look an awful lot like cultural appropriation from today's perspective, and I don't think it's unreasonable that a lot of people will be offended.

Immortal Beloved went the opposite route for their adaptation. They reskinned the story using Greek Mythology, but the plot wasn't a very good fit, as reincarnation isn't a component of  Greek mythology, so that aspect of the story played a bit awkwardly.  (I still love that there is a Doctor Who adaptation of a Roger Zelazny story, though.)

My guess is that it never gets made, or if it does get made, we don't see much beyond a pilot.


  1. "it's going to look an awful lot like cultural appropriation from today's perspective"

    Yes, but since the culture was quite specifically appropriated by the original crew (to the consternation of their Catholic chaplain), AND Sam appropriated the Buddha's life for his own purposes, it's easy enough to hang a lampshade on that in episode one (and in the opening credits so that anyone tuning in later to the series understands that).

  2. Can you please mention what episode / season and what story? Thanks a lot