Sunday, August 27, 2017

#RPGaDay 2017 Day 26: What RPG provides the most useful resources?

What RPG provides the most useful resources?

I suppose there are two ways to approach this question. We can either look at the game itself  in a vacuum or we can look at it in the context of the community that has arisen around it.

I'm going to do the latter. Again, I've got to give this to Dungeons & Dragons. It's got the biggest fan base and it's got the oldest one. Nothing else today compares with the scale of Dungeons & Dragons.

For the game itself, special mention goes to the 1st edition DMG. I loved that book because it was so chock full of inspiration. Medicinal herbs, Gary Gygax's random musings, guidelines for wilderness adventures, comics from Dragon magazine, pictures of naked mermaids, all of it thrown together with no particular rhyme or reason. Where else are you going to find something like this?

"I've got a +2 against slovenly trulls!"

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