Thursday, August 3, 2017

#RPGaDay 2017 Day 3: How Do You Find Out About New RPGs?

How Do You Find Out About New RPGs?

In Order: 

  1. Kickstarter:  I kind of love Kickstarter, mostly because these things take so long to put together that I forget I have something coming to me until the package arrives on my porch. Kickstarter is perfect for a niche hobby and allows the production of narrowly focused books that wouldn't be feasible. Also, creators use funded campaigns to advertise new or related projects. "Hey, you backed Unknown Armies. Do you want to back the King in Yellow?" Hell yes, I would.
  2. Humble Bundle/Bundle of Holding: These are "new to me", rather than entirely new, but this is a cheap way to build a quality PDF library.
  3. Friends: I have friends! For real! We occasionally discuss games.

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