Gravity Falls and Legion of Super-Heroes Index

An Index of my reviews of Gravity Falls and the Legion of Super-Heroes. If there is no hyperlink, it means I haven't gotten around to reviewing that one yet.

  1. "Tourist Trapped"
  2. "The Legend of the Gobblewonker"
  3. "Headhunters"
  4. "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel"
  5. "The Inconveniencing"
  6. "Dipper vs. Manliness"
  7. "Double Dipper"
  8. "Irrational Treasure"
  9. "The Time Traveler's Pig"
  10. "Fight Fighters"
  11. "Little Dipper"
  12. "Summerween"
  13. "Boss Mabel"
  14. "Bottomless Pit!"
  15. "The Deep End"
  16. "Carpet Diem"
  17. "Boyz Crazy"

General Gravity Falls stuff not involving any specific episode:

Josh's list of the best siblings in fiction (including Mabel and Dipper)

Gravity Falls in general

Legion of Super-Heroes

Season One

1.01 Man of Tomorrow
1.02 Timber Wolf
1.03 Legacy
1.04 Fear Factory
1.05 Champions
1.06 Phantoms
1.07 Child's Play
1.08 Lightning Storm
1.09 Brain Drain
1.10 The Substitutes
1.11 Chain of Command
1.12 Sundown, Pt. 1
1.13 Sundown, Pt. 2

Season Two

2.01 "The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow", Pt. 1
2.02 "The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow", Pt. 2
2.03 "Cry Wolf"
2.04 "Chained Lightning"
2.05 "The Karate Kid"
2.06 "Who Am I?"
2.07 "Unnatural Alliances"
2.08 "Message in a Bottle"
2.09 "In The Beginning"
2.10 "Trials"
2.11 "In Your Dreams"
2.12 "Dark Victory", Pt. 1
2.13 "Dark Victory", Pt. 2

Legion stuff not dealing with a specific episode:

You mean to tell me it's the 30th century and they haven't cured Legionnaires' disease?

Adventures of a Self-Rescuing Princess (capsule reviews of a couple episodes)