Monday, October 8, 2012

Pictures of Lily

Among the gifts we got Lily for her birthday was a combination mp3 player/camera. She's wanted a music player ever since a friend of mine gave her a Totoro pillow with a speaker built into it and connections for a music player.

You plug your player in and the music plays right out of Totoro's mouth. And she's never expressed a specific desire for a camera, but seeing as she steals my phone at least once a day to take pictures of her feet or the TV or of her stuffed cat from three different angles, I thought it was a worthwhile investment.

Perhaps you thought I was kidding about the cat

There will be more about the party in its own post, but Lily wanted a Batman party and the only Batgirl costume we'd been able to find at our local store was this bright pink one. Lily didn't really like it, because she wanted to be Batgirl and not this neon nightmare. So, aware of this, I skipped over the more girlie music players. I think I overdid it, because the one I picked out was this gunmetal grey, brushed steel and chrome monstrosity that looked it had been sent from the future to kill John Connor. Jen vetoed that one and we compromised on something halfway.

We went to her school culture night on her birthday. The school has a significant Latino population, and a lot of the activities reflected that. (A local Indian restaurant provided some of the food, which made it extra awesome.) One of the tables had pre-printed pictures to color and one of them was a skeleton in a dress from a Day of the Dead festival. Lily went directly for it, seeing as it combined her two favorite things, princesses and scary stuff. (q.v. her burgeoning interest in Monster High dolls) She spent a full 30 minutes coloring it in exacting detail.

I provided cover for her, because she was doing some detail work with the finger bones and I knew she would be really upset if someone jostled her and she went outside the lines. She really did a pretty great job. I think I would have had trouble with those stubby magic markers she was doing, but she kept her hands really steady.

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