Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reservoir Dogs

We had a rather pleasant weekend, though it didn't go exactly as planned. The setup was great. Jen and I would have one night together, one day with Lily, and then I'd get one day mostly to myself. Jen's Sunday plans fell through, so I had a nice little miniature daddy-daughter day with Lily instead and Jen took off to do a little bird watching.

Saturday was a huge amount of fun. Jen and I had our very first date at Merrill Creek Reservoir and ever since Lily was born, we're always sure to make a trip out there every October. Lily was old enough to really get something out of the children's corner in the Visitor's Center, so we spent some time there. Lily declared herself a "Science Kid". I was so proud.

Kilroy was here.

Scoping things out.

Rescuing the Woolly Bear.
Lily was incredibly sweet. She found a little woolly bear caterpillar and decided that he was cold so she made a little house for him, as shown in the video below. It's funny how her voice rises to a falsetto when she's mothering some animal she's found or little kid she's befriended.  (If you're reading this on Facebook and the video doesn't show up, go to to watch it)

I'm a little disappointed with how much blogger degrades my videos, but I'm not too upset, because I figure there are two types of people who read this blog. There are the folks who found it by searching for Roger Zelazny, and don't really care about the personal posts, so they're not going to care if the video is low-def. And there are the people who know me in real life and read the blog when it feeds into Facebook. I already have a much nicer version of the video hosted there, so anyone who wants to see it has it available. Everybody wins! Yay!

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