Monday, March 21, 2011

It's always sunny...

We had quite a nice little weekend. On Saturday, we went down to Philly to meet with some friends. We rendezvoused at Valley Forge National Park, but it just got so windy that we decamped for the mall before too long. I did get a cute picture of Lily while we were there, though.

We went to the King of Prussia mall, which has a very cool Lego store. They had a Lego Death Star. How awesome is that?!

It costs more than my first car.

Lily was pretty good, but she's really into riding escalators. The Nordstrom's has three stories. Lily wanted to go up two stories and then back down to the ground floor, but I told her we were only going to go up down, but she said "Why can't we go up up down down?" and I said "Dude, you sound like the cheat code to Contra."

I realized that I loved living in 2011 because I can just talk into my phone and it gives me turn by turn directions to wherever I want to go and my biggest complaint is that the directions were slightly less than optimal.

Lily and I were looking at Wired magazine, and it had a woman engineer on the cover. We were talking about how girls can be scientists too. I asked Lily who her favorite scientist was and she said me!

Lily occasionally has nightmares, and she'll wake up and say, always in the same quavering tone of voice, "I had a bad dream!" She did this on Saturday morning and I said to Jen that she sounds like Martin Luther King from the anti-matter universe.

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