Monday, March 7, 2011

Nice and Nerdy

We had a pleasant weekend. I showed Star Wars to Lily for the first time. She loves princesses, so I told her that this movie had a space princess, so that was an easy sell.

I noticed at the beginning that the Tantive IV was firing back at the Star Destroyer, and I was thinking, "What's the point?' because it wasn't until Return of the Jedi that the things started exploding like pintos whenever something brushed against them.

She kept calling Chewbacca "The Monkey" and the first time she said it, I only caught the second half and thought she said "Wookie" and I  thought she was some sort of Star Wars savant who just instinctively knew the names of various alien species.

She liked the twins that show up for one second in the cantina and the monster in the trash compactor, but her attention kept wandering.  We ran out of time right after they escaped from the Death Star,  and we'll pick up with the rest of the movie in a couple days.

I bought TMBG's "Here Comes Science" off Amazon and it's a really solid album. I burned it to a disc and we we had a nice Saturday afternoon of listening to the album and looking up pictures in "The Illustrated Atlas of the Universe." Though it was awkward when a song about the solar system ended and Lily said "I want to see a picture of Uranus!"

It's an excellent book and Lily really enjoyed the pictures that compared the relative size of the planets. Jen and I really like astronomy (one of my fondest childhood memories is the time my father took me to the beach for pre-dawn astronomy program) and I'm glad that Lily enjoys it too. My friend Jen is a big astronomy nerd too, but she hangs out with a bad crowd.

We know you are, Doctor Tyson!

There's also a song on the album called "I am a Paleontologist" and after listening to that, Lily said she wanted to teach a dog to be a paleontologist. "Because they already know how to dig!"

We also went a local park and played on the swings, and played some hide and seek. I hid in the car. A winner is me! We also made a run to the library and I picked up a collection of Jack Prelutsky's poetry to read to Lily. It was just a really nice weekend.

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