Wednesday, March 23, 2011

World's Finest

I had my follow up doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I'm in surprisingly good health, aside from my blood pressure. Cholesterol and blood sugar levels were especially good. So, go me! It had been forever since I'd had a physical and I was expecting my blood to have bits of twigs floating in it. 

Blood pressure was actually worse than my first appointment, unfortunately, but I knew it was kind of spiking, because I had a terrible day at work, followed by a terrible drive home, followed by an hour long wait once in the office. I've got a follow up in three weeks.

I picked up Lily because I was closer than Jen when the appointment got out. I don't often pick her up, but I'm always happy when I do, because she's just so thrilled to see me. She was playing with some Play-Doh when I came in but dropped it when she saw me and ran over and yelled "Daddy!" and gave me a great big hug.

Jen and I are sharing a car seat between our two cars, so when she dropped Lily off in the morning, she left the car seat too. Lily wanted to carry it out, but she settled for helping me. She was just so cheerful, even when I told her that I had forgotten to bring a lollipop. (Jen buys dum-dums in bulk so she'll always have something to entice Lily out to the car)

We went home, where I saw that Lily gotten an issue of an animal magazine in the mail. I asked her where she thought it came from and she told me that my friend Miss Karen must have sent it. (Karen loves giraffes. Every time we leave her apartment, it seems like she has a new stuffed giraffe on her couch.)

This just in. Karen hearts giraffes

After that I got some candy out of the candy box and we watched the Batman/Superman three-parter where they team up in the Animated series ("World's Finest"). It's a fun run of episodes. I barely got Lily to watch it. Batman and Superman had been the subject of vigorous debate earlier in the week, with Lily declaring "Batman rules, Superman poops!" which I rebut with "No, Superman rules, Batman poops!"

Lily says that she likes Batman because he flies, and I tell her "No, only Superman flies," and wouldn't you know it, there's a scene where Batman puts on a special suit that lets him fly. He still poops, though.

Superman also wears a special suit, specifically a lead-lined haz-mat suit because he knows the Joker has a big chunk of kryptonite.

It's not completely successful (the Joker compromises the integrity of the suit with his acid-squirting flower) but I like the fact that he took a reasonable precaution which his adversary was able to overcome with a little ingenuity.

Lily liked it. But she still thinks that Superman poops. (She had a little brainstorm yesterday and expanded on her fecal nicknames by calling him "Pooperman") She's crazy though. If I untwist the lid on a stuck pickle jar, I don't say that opened it with my "Bat-Strength".

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