Friday, April 10, 2015

Roger Zelazny Poetry Month 2015: Day 10

If Brand was so smart,
then why didn't he use his
death curse, huh? Dumbass.

 This one always kind of bothered me. One of the ideas to which I tend to return on this blog is the concept that Nine Princes is a bit thematically off when it comes to the larger Amber universe. The Death Curse is first mentioned in Rebma, then comes into play big when Corwin pronounces his, and then, aside from a brief mention in The Hand of Oberon (". . . And you fear my blood on your hands," Brand went on, "you fear my death curse." "Did you fear Martin's blood on your own?" Benedict asked. "That bastard puppy!" Brand said. "He was not truly one of us. He was only a tool.") it's never really mentioned again. The obvious answer is that Brand was shot in the throat, and thus never had a chance to pronounce it, but I don't buy it. It seems too easy a workaround for such a potent ability, and there's little doubt that Benedict could have slit Brand's throat before killing him. If so, he'd have no reason to be concerned. (Also, Eric would probably have had the foresight to stick a sock in Corwin's mouth before poking his eyes out.)

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