Saturday, April 18, 2015

Roger Zelazny Poetry Month 2015: Day 18

I found Jonathan Feinberg's haiku finder online, and it's absolutely the best thing ever. Post a body of text into it and it will scan it for inadvertent haiku.

Can you guess the work from the haiku it contains? I removed two of the most obvious, but I'll post them in the comments section.

Up into the hills,
I suppose. Or the desert.
It does not matter.

They're the only thing
I can think of that you'd make
such a fuss over.

Why didn't you keep
your nose where it belonged, shut
your eyes? Your mouth?_ "So?


  1. I always come through,
    and I can come through better
    than anyone else.

  2. The High and Low tongues
    were not so dissimilar
    as they had first seemed.