Friday, January 18, 2013

It seems 2013 will be a big year for Roger Zelazny stuff

This blog is in kind of an unusual place regarding the Zelazny stuff. Yes, he's very highly regarded within his field, but he passed away in 1995. I enjoy writing my commentaries, but I don't fool myself into believing that I'm covering new territory; Krulik and Yoke each made the same observations I did in their respective works long before I did, usually more cogently and with fewer typos.

However, and I credit NESFA and the Collected stories for this in no small part, it seems we have quite a few Roger Zelazny projects to look forward to in the coming year.

I contributed to the Science Fiction Land kickstarter. I would have blogged about it here, but I learned about it literally three hours before it ended and I didn't think anyone would see the post until the kickstarter was already over, and I didn't want to have a post that would amount to "Hey, you had a chance to support this, but you missed it!", so I just skipped covering it entirely.

I had almost forgotten about it when my package arrived in the mail last week. Yay! Look at my goodies!

We also have Shadows & Reflections in the pipeline and I just happened to see a promo for an upcoming Nine Princes in Amber board game this morning.

2013 is going to be a pretty good year.


  1. Holy crap.


    Josh, if you didn't already know this about me, board gaming is pretty much my #1 hobby. I have ~70 games in my collection. And now you're telling me there's a Nine Princes board game in the works.


  2. This is Josh. I have a hard time commenting undr my own name at work.

    I barely know more about it than what went into this post. The disclaimer gives me pause ("Princes of Amber: The Board Game is not licensed yet. We are working hard to get into a deal with the copyright owners. We love Roger Zelazny's work and never intend to publish the game without the license to infringe proper owners' copyrights."), but it does seem to be a work of passion by fans who honestly love the books, so I'm favorably inclined towards it in that respect.

    Have you checked out the Flip the Prince teaser game they made available yet?

    1. Anonyjosh:

      Yeah, I eventually saw that "not licensed" bit too. Hopefully things get fixed there.

      I haven't tried out Flip the Prince, as it appears to require two non-computer players and I have no friends.