Sunday, February 3, 2013

Search Results, part 5

The latest in a series of bizarre or disturbing searches people have used to find the site.

  1. "cartoons" "plunger" "harpoon"
  2. Wendy from Gravity Falls wearing a diaper
  3. Trumps of Doom it's a pain in the ass. (I particularly like this one, because it happens to sum up my feelings for the Trumps of Doom very neatly.)
  4. weird rainbow monster thing giraffe
  5. How to have a hairstyle like dick grayson
  6. Gerard Depardieu young, which is not in itself unusual, but it was the number one hit by a huge margin for a brief period
  7. prince eric and gaston sex
  8. superhero "his severed penis"
  9. Fetish site superman being eaten
  10. The heaviest weiner dog

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