Tuesday, April 5, 2016

5: Roger Zelazny Quote of the Day: Do you smell me ded?

Lying, left hand for a pillow, on the shingled slant of the roof, there in the shade of the gable, staring at the cloud-curdles in afternoon's blue pool, I seemed to see, between blinks, above the campus and myself, an instant piece of sky-writing. 


A moment's appraisal and it was gone. I shrugged. I also sniffed at the small breeze that had decided but moments before to pass that way. 

"Sorry," I mumbled to the supernatural journalist. "No special stinks." 

Context: The opening lines of the book, and the star-stone's first attempt to communicate with Fred Cassidy from within his body.

Why I like it: Because I love the book, and it's a brilliant way to set up elements that will pay off later in the story. I've reviewed Doorways twice (here and here), and I may yet return to it again, because I don't think I've managed to convey quite how much I like it.

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