Monday, April 18, 2016

18: Roger Zelazny Quote of the Day: Dran, I've been thinking...

"Dran, I've been thinking. There may be life on other planets in the galaxy."

Dran considered his response to this, as the world wheeled several times about its sun.

"True," he finally agreed, "there may."

After several months Drax shot back, "If there is, we ought to find out."

"Why?"  asked Dran with equal promptness, which caused the other to suspect that he, too, had been thinking along these lines.

The Context: Drax and Dran, the Great Slow Kings,  take their time in their discussions.

Why I like it: While many of Zelazny's stories had humorous elements, he rarely wrote sraight comedy pieces. I enjoy his sense of humor. This is a, surprisingly, a quick read, and a lot of fun.

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