Sunday, April 10, 2016

10: Roger Zelazny Quote of the Day: !sorry you're say least at could You

"!sorry you're say least at could You"

Her eyes flashed like emeralds through the pink static, and she was lovely and alive again. In his mind he was dancing.

The change came.

"You could at least say you're sorry!"

"I am," he said, taking her hand in a grip that she could not  break.

"How much, you'll never know."

"Come here," and she did.

The context: A man has a fight with his partner, and she runs off and dies in an automobile accident. Following the accident, he suffers periodic episodes where he experiences time running backwards. The final episode runs longer than any of the other, taking him back to the night of the argument, allowing him to stop her before he runs off and dies in the accident.

Why I like it: I'm going to steal what Chris Kovacs said in his comment on my original post on the story, because he says it so eloquently: But I think it also grabs at a feeling we probably all have shared more than once, when something goes horribly wrong because of something you've done (or not done)(or said)(or not said) and you wish you were able to erase, turn back time, take it back, start over. This story involves that kind of reset button but in such a way that you're really empathizing with the character and sharing his horror as time works backwards towards the funeral, the news of her death, and so on. It's not the hackneyed reset button overdone elsewhere.

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