Friday, October 9, 2015

A Day in the Lonesome October-fest, October 9

The continuing account of reading A Night in the Lonesome October with an nine-year-old, out loud and during the day.

October 9

Lily didn’t really have much of an opinion on this chapter. Neither liked it nor disliked it. I tried to tell her how clever the "Something's afoot, I daresay” line was, and she seemed barely able to restrain herself from rolling her eyes.

I thought she’d be excited about the revelation of Larry Talbot’s identity, since she'd been so curious yesterday but that didn’t really do it for her, either.


  1. If she's disappointed now, just wait until the Dreamlands!

    (For the record, Lonesome October is probably my favorite book of all time. But man, those Dreamlands. Oof.)

    1. Heh. I mentioned this project to another friend who is also a fan of the book and, knowing that we're reading it in the morning before I leave for work and Lily leaves for school, said "You better call her out of school on the 22nd."

      I think she just may surprise us. Free verse poetry *and* jokes in Latin?! Little kids love that stuff!